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Crimson Mollusc

Crimson Mollusc

£60.00 Regular Price
£45.00Sale Price

Crimson Mollusc. 2020.

10” x 8”


Inspired by Crimson and Molluscs; an invertebrate of a large phylum which includes snails, slugs, mussels, and octopuses. They have a soft unsegmented body and live in aquatic or damp habitats, and most kinds have an external calcareous shell.


Original oil, acrylic and gold enamel paint on high quality stretched cotton canvas. 


Picture frame hook attached and ready to hang.

Customised wood or glass frames may also be available, please inquire. 


Signed by London born artist Andrew Polyviou. 

Authorised and certified by the registered trademark of POLYART LONDON LTD. 

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